Define it for you!

-David Balestri

Lives that are not lived on purpose will be not be truly lived to thefull

John Maxwell says that “The two best days of your life is the day you born and the day you discovered why”. It amazes me how many people do not really know why they are on planet earth and what they are to do with their lives.

I know this is not an easy question to answer, most people don!t just wake up one morning with an epiphany about why they were born, some find the answer in a trial of fire, some find the answer by experimenting with lots of different things, some find the answer to this question as they purpose to serve causes that are greater than themselves.

I do not believe anyone else can answer this question for you; it just doesn’t work that way. I usually tell people that it is up to each one of us to wrestle the answer from the hand of God. What I mean by this is that the struggle towards discovering our purpose empowers us towards fulfilling it. Once you go through the pain and internal discomfort that it takes to discover your purpose, you will be less likely to quit in the midst of challenges and set backs. It cost you too much to come to your place of conviction concerning your purpose.

Whilst your life’s purpose is not always glaringly obvious to you immediately there are a few key questions that will help you unlock this issue.

(1) What am I naturally good at?

Think about his for a moment with me. &hat are the areas in your life that you seem to have greater success in than others? What just clicks with you more than anything else? Are you naturally creative, athletic, positive, insightful, influential or intellectual?

Your purpose will not live far away from your natural giftings.

(2) What brings energy, passion and excitement to my life?

You will know that you are livin# in touch with your purpose if you find yourself easily motivated by what you are doing and achieving. Equilibrium will permeate your inner self, bringing passion and excitement to your world. Find those things that you are naturally drawn to

(3) If I had all the money I ever needed and no limitations on my time or energy, what would I be doin# with my life?

Once you remove all the excuses for why you believe you could not set out to fulfill your purpose from your mind and get really honest with yourself about what it is that you would spend your life on if there were no limitations 1which if we get down to it, most limitations are nothing more than the borders of our current thinking anyway) ,you will be on the road to greater clarity and definition of purpose

I believe that successful people aren’t necessarily any more naturally #ifted or fortunate than the next person, they just tend to ask better questions about themselves.

You will be amazed at how energized and potent your life will become once you establish what your purpose is and allow the law of intentional focus to do its work. Thin#s like lack of money, education, natural talents will no lon#er inhibit your quest towards fulfilling your purpose, all that stuff comes to the feet of a focused person.

Its time to become as specific as you can be with re#ards to what you were born to do, who you are supposed to become and what you are called to have. You have been given this wonderful gift called life you owe it to yourself, your family and your friends to live it to the full.

David Balestri